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2018-06-21 / Police Blotter

Groom’s car broken into while at reception


Monday, June 11

• Officers initiated a traffic stop at the corner of Transit Road and Broadway, as the vehicle was not insured. The inspection sticker, which read December 2018, had a green tint on the paper that indicated it was forged. The female driver claimed she had no knowledge of the sticker and that the vehicle belonged to a friend. The woman was taken into custody and the vehicle was towed.

Wednesday, June 13

• A man was caught allegedly shoplifting at Walmart, 4975 Transit Road. His bicycle was transported to the station, and his mother picked him up after booking. A no-trespassing letter was issued to the man.


Monday, June 11

• A representative of Johnstone Supply called officers to report a bad check issued by a regular customer, for more than $13,000. The customer said he would make good on the check but never did. The representative is contesting the check with the bank; an investigation is pending, and a warrant is sought.

• The Depew Fire Department responded to a grass fire at Diamond D Construction, 4350 Broadway. Upon arrival, multiple abandoned semi-trailers in the yard were fully engulfed in flames. Officers searched the nearby construction site and track bed for suspects but with no success. An investigation is pending with detectives.

Wednesday, June 13

• Officers responded to a hit-and-run accident along Walden Avenue near Ellicott Place. A woman had struck a display wall of a business and parked in a nearby business lot. The woman told police she had her music up and was making a sharp turn into work, as she had almost missed the driveway. She didn’t realize she had hit the display wall. Damage cost ranges from $500 to $1,000.

• The corner of Broadway and Transit Road was the site of a hit-and-run accident. The driver at fault was tracked to his home on Countryside Lane in Cheektowaga. When police were talking with the man, he appeared to be intoxicated. He lives alone, and there would have been no one else driving the vehicle. The man later admitted to officers that he is a functioning alcoholic and has been in rehab for the past four months. He reportedly failed field sobriety tests and had a 0.26 percent blood alcohol level.

• A multi-vehicle accident at French Road and Cornell Drive resulted in two injuries. Fluids were leaking from the striking vehicle, and the Depew Fire Department was called to the scene.

Thursday, June 14

• Officers responded to the area of Transit Road and Terrace Boulevard after reports of a road rage incident. A female driver told officers a man in a truck pulled in front of her on Walden Avenue and refused to let her pass, shouting racial slurs and making other derogatory comments. The man also threw a cup at her vehicle, according to the woman. Police tracked down the male driver, who said the woman was cutting several motorists off and that he was “several car lengths off.” He did admit to pulling up alongside her and making a comment about her driving, but not to racial slurs. The woman told officers she intended to handle the matter civilly.

• Employees at Tops Markets on Broadway called police to report a man who had stolen items on June 12 and had possibly stolen items June 14, too. Officers tracked down the man at the corner of Grant Street and Irwinwood Road and didn’t find anything on his person but will review video surveillance.

Saturday, June 16

• A wedding guest at The Grapevine Banquet facility, 333 Dick Road, called officers after a vehicle was broken into. The woman told officers her purse was stolen, which contained her Social Security card, several credit cards, $500 cash and her wallet. Two prescription medications were also stolen, none of which were narcotics or pain medication. The owner of the vehicle was the groom. Officers attempted to contact him, but he was in the middle of his own reception. Security cameras in the area did not cover where the vehicle was parked.

Sunday, June 17

• Two shirtless men were seen running north near Westfield Avenue, carrying two clear bins. Officers searching the area found car parts in front of St. James school, including four brake rotors and two sets of brake pads. Officers found one man behind Schuster Construction and the other in a wooded area between Schuster and the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. One of the men had a Mercedes-Benz DVD remote in his front right pocket. The stolen car parts belonged to Strickland Automotive.

• An unknown individual attempted to break into a locked refrigerator at Depew Southside Fire Station at 45 Meridian St. The person responsible is most likely a member of the fire department and would have known that there were 100 chicken dinners in the fridge and had a key to get inside the building.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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