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2018-08-09 / Local News

Town fields questions about residential build

by AMY ROBB Editor

Stutzman Road residents spoke at Monday night’s Lancaster Town Board meeting concerning a proposed subdivision nearby.

Still in its early stages, Greenman-Pedersen is looking to build a 25-home cul de sac subdivision between Stutzman and East Home roads. The sketch plan was tabled at a planning board meeting July 18, based on concerns surrounding traffic and safety issues, drainage flow and neighbor input, according to board minutes.

Stutzman resident Jennifer Tulumello led the discussion at Monday night’s meeting, listing neighbor concerns that were voiced at the previous planning board meeting, as well as concerns voiced a year ago regarding existing traffic congestion.

Many Lancaster residents currently use the road to cut between Pleasant View Drive and Genesee Street.

“We’ve gotten together, we’ve had neighborhood meetings at the Bowmansville Fire Hall, and we’ve all talked about it. We’re estimating that anywhere between 50 and 70 of our neighbors came down to the meeting,” said Tulumello.

“About a year ago, I approached the board with a petition at that time and a letter, stating our concerns over the traffic. That was passed off to the police department and I know Mr. Ruffino said in the last couple weeks that he was looking into that. I’ve never seen anything.”

According to Lancaster Police Chief Gerald Gill, the matter was discussed with Stutzman residents, but no specific action was taken as a result of her letter and petition.

“I think everyone in this room is well aware that traffic is quite congested,” added Gill.

“I do not minimize your complaint, nor do I suspect that you’re not telling the truth. I just think we’re very limited on what we can do in terms of traffic flow. We can’t tell people not to come down that street.”

The letter Tulumello sent last year is filed with the clerk’s office, and requested multiple ways to mediate traffic flow, including stop signs and placing a traffic monitor on Stutzman.

Charles Welch, a West Palm Road resident and retired engineer for the NYS Thruway Authority, echoed concerns regarding existing traffic and drainage flow issues, and how a new subdivision in the area would compound on those problems.

“Their proposal to add 25 homes with additional roofs, driveways and a street is going to drain faster than it does now,” added Welch.

“The runoff from that property is collected by a drainage system behind Smith’s Garage, part of it town, and part of it private. It crosses Transit Road and Genesee Street and it goes toward the creek, adding additional flooding to the rear homes along East Home Road and Stutzman Road.”

Supervisor Johanna Coleman advised the residents that the subdivision is in its very early stages of formulation, with a petition filed to build and sketch plan on file, and that there will likely be changes as plans are submitted.

“He can file an application for a subdivision, but that’s merely an application. From there, it’s up to the planning board, it’s up to code enforcement, to look at the subdivision plans,” added Coleman.

The next planning board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 21 Central Ave. in Lancaster. Once the agenda is posted online, residents will be able to see if the housing project will be discussed.

The Lancaster Town Board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20 at 21 Central Ave. in Lancaster. There is always a work session a half hour prior to each meeting.

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