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2018-08-09 / Sports

LRD softball starting to wind down

The days are a little warmer, the sun sets a little sooner, and the end is in sight for the adult slow-pitch softball leagues of Lancaster Parks and Recreation. With the men into make-ups, and the coeds into the last two weeks of their regular season, each game takes on added meaning in the race to the playoffs.

Men’s A/B
Longneckers Wilson 26
Sal’s 18
Jon Wilson’s squad pulls
away late to remain perfect in
A on the year.
Green Buffalo Pub Sagliani
One Up 14
GBP rallies with 11 in the
last three innings, then holds
on for the win
Team Taylor 16
Team Szymczak 10
Todd Taylor has five RBIs
as they went above .500 on
the year.
CGL Contracting LLC 16
Green Buffalo Pub
Maryniewski 10
The cagey vets put it all
together in this important
Route 78 11
I’d Hit That 10
A single run in the bottom
of the sixth gives 78 the
Men’s C
Team Rachel 18
Rafferty’s 12
The division leaders go to
7-1 on the year.
Green Buffalo Pub
Bombers 9
The Side Bar 7
In a well-played contest,
GBP’s three in the fifth is the
99 Brick Oven 15
Lancaster Moose 11
Mike Krakowiak homered
twice in the win for the
Green Buffalo Pub Dips 9
Elma Towne Grill 6
GBP used a four-run first to
propel them to the win, as
they start their late season
playoff push.
Coed League

Green Buffalo Pub Sherman 18
Stoney Brook Legends 9
GBP scored in every inning
but one in the win.
McGlovin 11
Green Buffalo Pub Jimmy’s
McGlovin put it all together
in this win over an A league
Bring It 11
PJ Cools 10
Leigh Kinsher was 4-4 as
the leader in A takes out the
leaders in B, giving PJ Cools
their first loss of the year.
Team Gangloff 11
Send it 10
Jeff Gangloff’s squad rallies
for six in the top of the seventh for a comeback victory. Green Buffalo Pub Regulars 7
Team Ferrentino 0
Men’s A
Longneckers Wilson 6-0
GBP Maryniewski 5-3
Team Szymczak 5-4
Men’s B
One Up 5-2
CGL Contracting LLC 5-3
Lakeside Concrete 4-3
Team Taylor 4-3
GBP Sagliani 3-5
Route 78 3-5
Sal’s 1-7
I’d Hit That 0-8
Men’s C
Team Rachel 7-1
GBP Bombers 6-2
99 Brick Oven 6-2
Lancaster Moose 4-4
GBP Dips 3-5
The Side Bar 2-6
Elma Towne Grill 2-6
Rafferty’s 1-7
Coed A League
Bring It 8-1
Team Gangloff 7-2
GBP Jimmy’s 6-3
Send It 5-4
Coed B
PJ Cools 8-1
McGlovin 3-6
GBP Sherman 3-6
Team Bieber 3-6
Coed C
GBP Regulars 5-4
Stoney Brook Legends 2-7
Band of Misfits 0-9

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