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2018-09-13 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.A bike path is a dumb idea considering that the entire village is a Lancaster speedway and this includes side streets. Most people ride their bikes on the sidewalk if they want to stay alive. First, do something about the speeding; then you can consider a bike path.

.In the recent issue of The Bee there was a column with the headline, “Let’s buy our teachers guns, what could go wrong?” How about a follow-up article with the headline, “Let’s buy our teachers guns, what could go right?”

.I’m disappointed with the Village of Lancaster DPW. After last Wednesday’s high wind storm, branches came down. People placed them at the curb. There were several calls to the department about brush pickup, but no one came out to pick any of it up. It looked awful during the Labor Day weekend.

.I am an 82-year-old, lifetime resident of the Village of Lancaster, and my wife and I and our guest of the day thoroughly enjoyed the Taste of Lancaster. We have also enjoyed all of the special events sponsored by the village. I’m happy to send in my tax dollars to support these events. These are tax dollars well spent.

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