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2018-09-13 / Editorial

Enjoy a Bills game, but don’t drive home drunk

Bee Editorial

The Buffalo Bills got off to an admittedly lackluster start to the season, to say the very least.

However, like so many years before, loyal Bills fans will stick around, watching every game and cheering on their team even when it’s painful to do so.

Many of us will watch from home, but thousands and thousands of fans will migrate to New Era Field throughout the fall and winter months to catch a game.

Whether it’s the cold weather, the Bills’ performance or just the need to relax on the weekend, more than a few adult beverages will be consumed on Sundays, and while there is nothing wrong with enjoying a cold one, it is absolutely critical that fans handle themselves in a responsible manner when the fourth quarter comes to a close.

Getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking is never a smart or condonable decision, and there are many options available to help avoid a disastrous and potentially life-altering mistake.

You can check out our business page this week to learn more about a shuttle service that will transport fans to and from the games. The ticket price is more than worth it, and a shuttle full of fans also offers a great atmosphere to start and end a Sunday.

Alternatively, you can use a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft. Both are very reasonably priced and easy to use. You can also always split the ride with friends who live near you if costs are a major concern.

Calling a cab is also always an option as is calling a friend or family member.

While it may seem uncomfortable to ask someone to go out of their way to give you a ride, the alternative — driving intoxicated and putting your own life and the lives of those around you in danger — outweighs any possible inconvenience. Any friend or family member would rather receive a phone call asking for a favor from a loved one than receive a phone call from the police.

Remember that Bills games are filled with fans of all ages, and as you are pulling out of the parking lot, you will be surrounded by vehicles full of families, couples and friends. They hold someone’s brother, someone’s mom, someone’s niece, and by getting behind the wheel under the influence, you risk the welfare of each and every one of those individuals, not to mention your own.

So when you head out to cheer on our favorite underdogs this season, remember that while a win is always something to celebrate, the best ending to any game day is every single fan returning home safely.

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